Senior Software Engineer


Engineer Manager and Tech Lead for Publishing and Grow teams.
Previously, Software Engineer.

Flatiron School

Student, Cohort 007

Rutgers University Digital Humanities Research Lab

Research Partner

B. Saleh, K. Abe and A. Elgammal
“A Computer Vision System for Artistic Influence Mining”
Robohub - November 2014

B. Saleh, K. Abe, R. Arora, A. Elgammal
“Toward Automated Discovery of Artistic Influence”
Multimedia Tools and Applications Journal– Springer – 2014

B. Saleh, K. Abe and A. Elgammal
“Knowledge Discovery of Artistic Influences: A Metric Learning Approach”
The Fifth International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC), Ljubjana, Slovania, June 2014

K. Abe, B. Saleh and A. Elgammal
“An Early Framework for Determining Artistic Influence”
The 2nd International Workshop on Multimedia for Cultural Heritage (MM4CH), Naples, Italy 2013


Client Support Engineer

Rutgers University 2013

Student, Double major in Computer Science and Visual Art
DJ @ WRLC 90.3FM
Founder @ Trim Magazine